Methanol Market Fluctuated at a Low Level

Time: May 07, 2022

Methanol is the main raw material for the production of paraformaldehyde. What Huafu Chemicals share here is the methanol market situation that you are most concerned about.

On May 5, the average price of domestic methanol producers was 2,712 yuan/ton (about 406 US dollars/ton), down 1.18% from the previous working day and up 5.96% year-on-year.

Methanol Market Price

In terms of spot, some methanol plants have gradually recovered from the early parking, and the market supply may rebound slightly in the near future.

After the May 1st Labor Day, downstream factories also have new needs for replenishment, and the relationship between supply and demand has opened a new round of game. In the short term, the domestic methanol market is mainly volatile.

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