Shipping Statement from Huafu Chemicals

Time: May 13, 2022

In a responsible attitude to our valued customers, Huafu Chemicals would like to make a brief description of the impact of the delivery of hazardous chemicals like paraformaldehyde powder and 2-Ethylhexanol solution. Then factories can prepare in advance to overcome the impact of raw material shortages, and factory shutdowns, caused by the poor transportation situation.


As we know, the transportation of hazardous chemicals requires special shipping companies and operating warehouses, and most of Huafu's hazardous chemicals are shipped from Shanghai Port.

Shanghai Port is an important hub for China’s import and export of goods and plays an irreplaceable role in connecting domestic and international markets.

Shanghai Port

  • Since late March, under the impact of the epidemic in Shanghai, Shanghai Port once faced greater challenges, which directly led to a decline in the efficiency of port cargo operations.
  • At present, the ship receiving and unloading of Shanghai Port is gradually returning to normal, and the operation of the hub function is continuing to improve. Shanghai port terminal operations are recovering in an orderly manner, however it still take some time.

paraformaldehyde powder

There are some other factors that make the shipping difficult, let's take a look.

  • As far as we know, goods from neighboring provinces and cities are shipped from Ningbo Port, which invisibly increases the difficulty of operation in Ningbo, and therefore has a great impact on the delivery plan of hazardous chemicals.
  • In addition, the particularity of hazardous chemicals also makes the operation more difficult, and it will take some time to resume normal operations.

Therefore, Huafu Chemicals’ shipment of hazardous chemicals will slow down, but we still believe that it will recover soon in the near future.

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