• Huafu Chemicals Factory Hexamine New Shipment
    Huafu Chemicals Factory Hexamine New Shipment
    Jun, 08, 2023
    A recent delivery of hexamine from Huafu Chemicals was completed on June 7th, departing from Shanghai. This chemical substance, also known as hexamethylenetetramine, holds significant importance as a raw material in several applications, including resin curing agents, aminoplast catalysts, and rubber vulcanization accelerators. In addition to producing hexamine, Huafu Chemicals Factory also produc...
  • Huafu Factory Paraformaldehyde New Shipment
    Huafu Factory Paraformaldehyde New Shipment
    Jun, 02, 2023
    On May.30th, Huafu Chemicals has recently shipped 92% paraformaldehyde powder, which has a broad range of applications. It is commonly used in the production and usage of herbicides, synthetic resins, and adhesives. Furthermore, paraformaldehyde can also work as a fungicide, fumigant, or insecticide. Huafu Chemicals offers other products apart from paraformaldehyde such as melamine powder, 2-ethyl...
  • Huafu Chemicals Phthalic Anhydride New Shipment
    Huafu Chemicals Phthalic Anhydride New Shipment
    May, 09, 2023
    On May 8, a whole container of phthalic anhydride was successfully delivered from Huafu Factory. Phthalic anhydride is an important organic chemical raw material, and the phthalic anhydride ordered by the customer this time is mainly used for the production of plasticizers. Huafu is the chemical raw material manufacturer of melamine, paraformaldehyde, phthalic anhydride and hexamine. Welcome to co...
  • Holiday Notice---2023 Labor Day
    Holiday Notice---2023 Labor Day
    Apr, 19, 2023
    Dear valued customers, It is kindly to inform you that Huafu Chemicals is scheduled for a 5 days holiday for the International Workers' Day Holiday. Holiday Period: April.29th to May.3rd (5days) April 23rd (Sunday) and May 6th (Saturday) will be our working days. Your emails can be received normally; please feel free to contact us.Huafu Chemicals wishes you and your families all the best and happy...
  • The Methanol Market has Dropped Significantly
    The Methanol Market has Dropped Significantly
    Apr, 13, 2023
    Methanol is an important raw material for the production of paraformaldehyde. This is the latest market conditions shared by Huafu Chemicals. The domestic methanol market fluctuated within a narrow range. From March 31 to April 7 (as of 15:00 p.m.), the average price of the domestic methanol market in East China ports dropped from 2,561 yuan/ton to 2,446 yuan/ton. The price fell by 4.49% during th...
  • Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday Notice in 2023
    Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday Notice in 2023
    Apr, 03, 2023
    Dear Valued Customers, Since the Qingming Festival is approaching soon, Huafu Chemicals Factory and Office Qingming holiday schedule in 2023 is as follows. 2023 Qingming Holiday: 5th April,2023 (Wednesday)   Please feel free to contact us if you have any urgent needs for melamine powder or other chemical raw materials. Mobile: +86 15905996312    Email:
  • Urea Price Fell by 0.82% this Week (Mar.11-Mar.17)
    Urea Price Fell by 0.82% this Week (Mar.11-Mar.17)
    Mar, 29, 2023
    The market situation of urea affects the price of melamine powder. The domestic urea market price fell slightly this week. The price of urea fell from 2833.75 yuan/ton at the end of last week to 2810.62 yuan/ton this weekend, a decrease of 0.82%, and a year-on-year decrease of 3.71%. From the perspective of demand: agricultural demand continues to follow up, and industrial demand is stable. Fertil...
  • Huafu Factory Melamine Powder New Shipment
    Huafu Factory Melamine Powder New Shipment
    Mar, 15, 2023
    On March 14, a batch of melamine powder was successfully shipped from the Huafu Factory. Melamine is one of the very important chemical raw materials. It is mainly used as the main raw material for the manufacture of melamine-formaldehyde resin, as a reagent for organic element analysis, and also used as a tanning agent and filler for leather processing in the synthesis of organic and resin. If yo...
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