China Urea Price Rose 0.97% on April 27

Time: Apr 29, 2022

The price of urea, which is a raw material for melamine powder production, has always been concerned. As we know, the market prices of coal and natural gas have greatly affected the market conditions of urea. Let’s know much details by reading the information shared by Huafu Factory.

 urea price trend

The latest price of urea (April 27): 3018.00 yuan/ton (about 456 US dollars/ton)

On April 27, the domestic comprehensive price of urea rose slightly, up 0.97% from the price on April 26 and up 39.08% from the same period last year.

Upstream coal and liquefied natural gas prices rose slightly, with better cost support.

From the demand side: agricultural demand weakened and industrial demand increased

1. The spring ploughing has entered the end, and the downstream is sporadically supplemented with fertilizer.

2. At present, the delivery of urea in some areas has been blocked, and the freight has risen sharply.

3. The operating rate of compound fertilizer plants is relatively high, and the enthusiasm for purchasing urea increases.

4. The plate factory and the melamine factory have an average start-up load, and follow up with an appropriate amount of bargaining.

white melamine powder

From the perspective of supply:

On the whole, the cost of urea is generally supported, the downstream demand is normal, the supply of urea is high, and the transportation is limited.

Huafu Chemicals expects that the ex-factory price of urea may fluctuate slightly in the later period.

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