Methanol Monthly Review: Overall Decline

Time: Apr 29, 2022

Huafu Chemicals Factory will share with you the market situation of methanol, the raw material of paraformaldehyde.

On April 25, the average price of domestic methanol producers was 2,825 yuan/ton (about 428 US dollars/ton), down 0.18% from the previous trading day and up 12.77% year-on-year.

methanol price trend

Summary of China's methanol market in April

In April, the domestic methanol market fluctuated downward, and there was a slight rebound in stages around the middle of the year.

1. Around the middle of the year, due to concerns about poor logistics during the May 1st holiday, some mid- and downstream companies also began to stock up properly in advance, and the mainland methanol market rebounded after falling.

2. By the end of the month, the rhythm of downstream stocking slowed down, the market transaction cooled down, and the fluctuations in various places were the mainstay, and the transaction in some areas fell slightly.

In April, the center of gravity of the coastal methanol market moved down, and the transaction price fluctuated downward.

 Paraformaldehyde powder with CAS No.30525-89-4

The Outlook of China's Methanol Market in the Later Period

Huafu Chemicals believes that the domestic methanol market may continue to weaken and fluctuate in May.

1. After returning from the short holiday, the production enterprises have the demand for shipments and warehouses, and the price of methanol in the Mainland may still have room for loosening.

2. Beginning in the middle and late ten days, some areas may enter into the trend of digestion and consolidation.

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