Urea Weekly Review: Stable and Slightly Up

Time: Feb 11, 2022

Today, Huafu Melamine Factory will share with you the latest information about urea. As the main raw material for melamine production, the market price trend of urea has attracted much attention. Now let’s go through the specific market situation of urea in detail.

 China urea market price

After the Spring Festival, China's urea market stabilized and rose slightly. According to statistics, the average price of urea in China is 2,611 yuan/ton ($411/ton), up 1.67% month-on-month and 26.56% year-on-year.

Urea Market Trend Analysis and Forecast

1. Supply

  • Next week, the load of some gas head installations in the southwest will be reduced, and the output will be lower than this week;
  • In terms of port inventory, in the early stage, port goods were loaded on ships one after another, and the flow of goods to the port was limited, and there was no increase in inventory for the time being;
  • In terms of corporate inventory, downstream construction has started one after another, and the pressure on manufacturers' inventory may ease.

Overall, the short-term urea market supply is stable.

2. Demand

  • In terms of compound fertilizers, most fertilizer companies have released expectations of price increases, boosting the enthusiasm of customers to pay and copying orders, and helping the market trading atmosphere to change for the better;
  • In terms of plywood, plywood manufacturers have gradually recovered, and the purchase volume is expected to increase slowly;
  • In terms of agricultural demand, in the case of local rain and snow, agricultural procurement will be up as needed.

On the whole, the downstream stocking activities will gradually resume next week, and the demand is expected to increase.

3. Raw materials

  • In terms of natural gas, the price range of natural gas was adjusted, and the southwest was partially restricted.
  • In terms of coal, the overall supply and demand of anthracite after the holiday tends to loosen, and the price of anthracite is mainly under pressure.

Overall, the cost of urea raw materials has not changed much which means melamine price will be stable for a period of time.

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