Urea Price Fell by 0.82% this Week (Mar.11-Mar.17)

Time: Mar 29, 2023

The market situation of urea affects the price of melamine powder.

The domestic urea market price fell slightly this week. The price of urea fell from 2833.75 yuan/ton at the end of last week to 2810.62 yuan/ton this weekend, a decrease of 0.82%, and a year-on-year decrease of 3.71%.

urea market price

From the perspective of demand: agricultural demand continues to follow up, and industrial demand is stable. Fertilizers for spring farming are gradually up, and agricultural demand is good. The operating rate of the compound fertilizer plant is acceptable, and the enthusiasm for urea procurement is average. Sheet metal and melamine companies started operations slightly, with rigid-need procurement mainly.

From the perspective of supply: some enterprises stop for maintenance, and the daily production of urea is about 160,000-170,000 tons, and the supply is relatively sufficient.

melamine market price

The market outlook fluctuated slightly and fell

In late March, the domestic urea market may fluctuate slightly and fall. Huafu Chemicals believes that the price of liquid ammonia and liquefied gas in upstream of urea has fallen sharply, and the cost support of urea is insufficient. Downstream agricultural demand increased slightly, while industrial demand was average. The daily output of urea is around 160,000-170,000 tons, and the supply is sufficient. Afternoon urea or within a narrow range fell mainly.

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