Paraformaldehyde Price Fell after Rose in February

Time: Feb 25, 2022

Important information needs to be shared in time. Today, Huafu Factory will bring you the market price analysis of paraformaldehyde.

White powder paraformaldehyde is an important organic chemical raw material, mainly used in pesticides, medicines, resins, etc.

The chart below shows us China’s paraformaldehyde market price.

paraformaldehyde market price

In February, paraformaldehyde rose first and then fell. On February 24,  compared with the beginning of the month, the average production price of paraformaldehyde in Shandong increased by 1.2%.

After the year, the company gradually restarted and resumed work, and the downstream companies of paraformaldehyde began to purchase one after another, and the market was generally sold.

methanol market price

According to the data in the chart, the average price of domestic methanol production enterprises was 2630 yuan/ton (about 415 US dollars/ton) on February 23, compared with the beginning of the month, the methanol price fell by 1.96%.

  • In February, the methanol market first rose and then fell, and the price rebounded again near the end of the month.
  • The raw material methanol support is insufficient.

Huafu Chemicals expects that the price of paraformaldehyde may be weak.

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