Weekly Review: The Urea Market first Rise and then Fall

Time: Oct 28, 2022

Urea is the main raw material of melamine powder. Today still Huafu Factory brings you the latest urea market trend.

During Oct.21st to Oct.27th, the urea market after the first rise and fall, new orders trading low on demand. Manufacturers advance orders flexible adjustment, enterprise inventory continues to increase. According to the data compiled by Huafu Chemicals, the average price of China 's urea market this week was CNY 2472 / ton ( about USD 341 / ton ), a weekly decline of 1.59 %.

urea market price 

Market Trend Analysis Forecast

Supply: next week manufacturers stop production reduction device plan to restore, little change in daily output; export orders have been shipped to port, inventory narrow fluctuations; due to poor local logistics and cautious downstream stocking, the risk of accumulation still exists.

On the whole, the supply of urea is stable next week.

Demand: In terms of compound fertilizer, dealers are cautious to follow up and have a strong wait-and-see mood. compound fertilizer capacity operation rate increased slightly ; plywood market start-up load increase is limited, stock follow-up is slow ; in terms of agricultural demand, there is no centralized agricultural demand to follow up, and a small amount of reserves flow.

Overall, the next week the domestic demand for urea little change.

Raw material: In terms of natural gas, the planned price of natural gas has not changed much. Lump coal market overall demand follow-up weak.

On the whole, the price range of raw materials is expected to be sorted out next week.

Huafu Factory believes that the domestic urea market is stable, and the new market entry of merchants is low. The downstream demand is slightly improved, and the new order delivery is good. The overall market continues to organize.

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