Urea Price Rose 1.42% this Week (July.30-Aug.5)

Time: Aug 11, 2022

The market price of urea will affect the market of melamine powder, so it has attracted much attention from factories.

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urea market price

As can be seen from the above figure, the domestic urea market price rose slightly this week. The price of urea increased by 1.42% from 2392.00 yuan/ton ($354/ton) at the end of last year and decreased by 13.97% compared with the same period last year.

1. Judging from the quotations from manufacturers, the domestic mainstream ex-factory price of urea rose slightly this week.

2. Judging from the upstream and downstream industry chain data, the overall upstream situation of urea rose slightly this week.

Liquefied natural gas prices rose slightly, rising to 6,456.00 yuan/ton this weekend, or 7.49%.

 natural gas price

  • From the perspective of demand: the agricultural demand is general, and the industrial rigid demand is the main. The price of melamine has been consolidated at a low level, and the enthusiasm for purchasing urea is general.
  • From the perspective of supply: some manufacturers overhaul, the daily output of urea is about 140,000 tons.

Huafu Chemicals believes that the upstream cost of urea is generally supported. The downstream agricultural demand is weakened, the industrial rigid demand is the main, and the daily urea production is at a low level, and there is no major benefit for the time being. Recently, urea or a narrow range of fluctuations fell mainly.

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