Urea Price Rose 0.25% This Week (8.27-9.2)

Time: Sep 08, 2022

Melamine is a basic organic chemical intermediate product with a wide range of uses. The most important use is as a raw material for the production of melamine formaldehyde resin (MF).

Recent urea price trend

As can be seen from the above figure, the domestic urea market price rose slightly this week, and the urea price rose to 2400.00 yuan/ton (about 345 US dollars/ton) this weekend.

 urea price

1. From the upstream and downstream industry chain data

This week, the price of LNG rose to 5974.00 yuan/ton this weekend, an increase of 3.75%;

The price of anthracite rose slightly, and the price of anthracite rose by 200-300 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of August.

The price of melamine downstream of urea fell slightly this week, and the price this weekend was 7933.33 yuan/ton, a decrease of 6.30%.

2. From the perspective of demand

A small amount of agricultural demand is needed for stocking, and industrial demand is gradually expanded.

The rubber sheet factory started at a low level, and just needed to purchase mainly; the compound fertilizer factory up on dips and started to increase.

The price of melamine fell slightly, and the enthusiasm for purchasing urea was general.

3. From the perspective of supply

the power outage in Sichuan has ended, and the company has gradually resumed production.

The daily output of urea is about 150,000 tons. The international price of urea has been steady with progress.

 melamine price

Urea prices may rise slightly

Huafu Chemicals believes that the price of anthracite and liquefied natural gas upstream of urea has risen slightly, and the cost of urea has increased. The downstream agricultural demand is general, and the industry just needs to increase. The daily output of urea has rebounded, and urea may rise in a narrow range recently.

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