The Methanol Market Fluctuates at a Low Level

Time: Feb 10, 2023

Today, Huafu Factory is sharing the latest methanol market which affects the market of paraformaldehyde. Please follow us to pay attention more.

The domestic methanol market fluctuated at a low level. From January 28 to February 6, the average price of the domestic methanol market in East China ports dropped from 2,807 yuan/ton to 2,717 yuan/ton. During the period, the price fell by 3.22%, and the price rose by 1.39% month-on-month and 1.29% year-on-year.

methanol market price

After the Lunar New Year, the traditional downstream has not yet recovered. At the same time, some production enterprises have the demand for storage, and the spot gas purchase is average, and the price of methanol has dropped within a narrow range.

According to market outlook forecasts, the supply is abundant and the demand side has little change. Huafu Chemicals expects that the domestic methanol market will be dominated by a narrow range.

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