Russia's Urea Exports Analysis

Time: Mar 11, 2022

Recently, the United States, Canada and many European countries have successively announced a series of increasingly stringent sanctions against Russia. In addition to governments, multinational companies in various fields have also joined the sanctions against Russia. As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates, the price of urea in the market continues to rise.

Huafu Chemicals will help you to see this situation clearly and analyze Russia's urea exports. Urea is the raw material for making melamine.

Russia is the world's fourth largest urea producer and largest urea exporter, and one of the world's most important urea suppliers.

Russia urea exports

  • According to Russian customs data, the top six urea export trading partners of Russia in 2021 are Brazil, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, the United States, and Mexico, accounting for 61% of total exports.
  • Europe and the Americas are the main export destinations of Russia, of which the largest urea export destination is Brazil, with an export volume of 1.38 million tons, an increase of 7.8% over 2020.
  • Asia's largest export trading partner is India, with an export volume of 240,000 tons, accounting for 3%. The export volume from Russia to China is only 14,000 tons, accounting for 0.2%. China is the world's largest urea producer, and its dependence on urea imports is low.

Russia urea exports by trading partners

In terms of federal districts, the Northwest Federal District, the Volga Federal District, and the Central Federal District have the largest export volumes, accounting for 35%, 35%, and 20%, respectively, which are distributed in the central and western parts of Russia.

The main reasons

  1. First, the top four nitrogen fertilizer manufacturers in Russia, EuroChem, Akron, Uralchem, and PhosAgro, whose factories are mainly concentrated in the central and western parts of Russia.
  2. Second, are close to European and Brazilian export transportation routes and ports.

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