Global Methanol Market Price Trend

Time: Jan 25, 2022

Today, Huafu Chemicals will share the latest market trend of methanol (2-Ethylhexanol) for your reference.

The global methanol market continued to push up this week. (Jan.17th-Jan.21st, 2022)

2-Ethylhexanol Suppliers

China's methanol market price continued to rise this week.

l  From the beginning of the week to the end of the week, a few bids were pushed from 345 to 360 US dollars/ton, and the demand for just-in-demand replenishment still exists.

l  With the rising price in China and the gradual narrowing of the arbitrage window with Southeast Asia, India and other places, the demurrage and high freight charges are still restricting the amount of methanol exported from China.

methanol market trend

The rest of Asia has been actively pushing higher this week.

1.       In South Korea, only a few formula prices were quoted at +2% during the week, and the reference price of CFR South Korea this week was 400-415 US dollars/ton.

2.       In Southeast Asia, just need to actively enter the market for replenishment, the focus of transactions in Southeast Asia has moved up to 410, and the reference price in Southeast Asia is 410-415 US dollars/ton.

3.       In India, inquiries have increased steadily, and low prices are hard to find. This week, the Indian price reference is at 390-400 US dollars/ton.

This week, the European and American methanol markets expanded their gains. The European methanol market rose significantly.

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