Formaldehyde Market Price Rise as the Methanol Market Rise

Time: Oct 12, 2022

Methanol is the main raw material of paraformaldehyde. Manufacturers who have demand for paraformaldehyde powder can read carefully the following market price trend of methanol shared by Huafu Factory.

formaldehyde price

The formaldehyde market has risen this week. The current price of formaldehyde has risen by 9.64% month-on-month, and the current price has dropped by 23.45% year-on-year.

paraformaldehyde factory price

This week, the market price of formaldehyde has risen. From the above picture, it can be seen that the market for formaldehyde has mainly increased slightly in the past two months, and the market rally has expanded this week. As of October 8, the mainstream market price of formaldehyde is 1380-1430 yuan/ton (about 192-199 US dollars/ton).

methanol price

Recently, the domestic methanol market has been rising. Some traders are out of stock quotes. Coal prices are firm, raw materials support the methanol market, and methanol market trends vary slightly between regions.

At present, the operating rate of formaldehyde manufacturers has increased, and the formaldehyde market has mainly risen with rising costs.

Recently, the domestic methanol market has risen sharply, and the downstream timber board factories have maintained rigid demand for purchases. Huafu Chemicals expects that the price of formaldehyde will mainly rise in shocks in the near future.

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