Domestic Methanol Market Soars High and Falls

Time: Mar 09, 2023

The domestic methanol market rose and fell.

From February 27 to March 6, the average price of the domestic methanol market dropped from 2,780 yuan/ton to 2,676 yuan/ton. The price fell by 3.75% during the cycle, the price fell by 1.49% month-on-month, and 6.25% year-on-year.

The price of raw coal has fallen, and the cost side is negative for the methanol market. At the same time, the supply has increased, the inventory has accumulated, and there is no good news to support the demand in a short period of time. The methanol market is weak.

Methanol domestic market price

The market outlook predicts that the supply is relatively abundant, and the demand side is expected to increase. Huafu Chemicals predicts that the domestic methanol market may rebound tentatively.

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